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English Springer Spaniels English Springer Spaniels

Please click on the links below to some of our favourite sites  -  If you wish to be shown on this page please contact us, likewise please link us on your site. Please note we are not affiliated to any of these companies, we have simply used them and found them to suit our circumstances.



 Anubis Grooming Studio Darwen, Lancashire

The Anubis Studio Darwen provides a quality personal service, and all my Spaniels are groomed there.  Whether is is a trim, or a full trim down they always come out looking great and smelling even better.  The little pics above may give you an idea of the before and after.


Blue Lamp Foundation

Police Constable David Rathband had the idea of starting this Foundation while lying in a hospital bed recovering from horrific injuries after being shot by Raoul Moat in the early hours of July 4 in Newcastle.  The foundation provides support for 'blue light' personell who are injured as a result of a criminal act.  Please visit this site to see some of the work being undertaken by this brave guy who was only shot, and blinded a matter of weeks ago. 


 Arden Grange

We use Arden Grange food for all our dogs from being puppies.  Having tried various foods over the years we find our dogs thrive on this food, and the price is excellent.




 Help for heroes

Blacheborne supports this charity.  In 2009 I took part in a walk from Bowness to the top of Langdale Pikes carrying all kit, including tents and cooking equipment.  The event raised approx £1500 for this worthy cause.  Please click on the link and see what you can do to help.




Pet Log

We are qualified to implant microchips, and will complete this simple procedure before you collect your puppy.  Pet Log is managed by the Kennel Club, and the chips and scanners are Europe wide so if your dogs gets lost, a simple scan can see it reunited with you.




The website is full of useful information for those who shoot, or have gundogs, or those who wish to involve themselves in the sports.



The Kennel Club

The Kennel Club is the UK’s largest organisation dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs. The Kennel Club was founded in 1873 and is able to offer dog owners an unparalleled source of information, experience and advice on dog welfare, dog health, dog training and dog breeding. 



Council for docked breeds 


                                                 The Council of docked breeds provides information in relation to the docking of dogs tails and gives detailed information as to the reaons why. The page links directly to a Spaniel with tail damage.


Mistral Kennel Cleaner

We use Mistral for cleaning our kennels, bowls, equipment and bedding.  It kills all types of germs, and bacteria necessary for the health and well being of your dogs, and comes in amazing fragrances such as bubblegum, coconut, cherry, spearmint and others.




The Gundog Club

The gundog club is an organisation that aims to help and encourage people into the world of gundog training through a series of gundog tests.  You are not in a competition with others and work to a set standard.  It allows those who have never trained dogs before to get their dogs to an achievable standard.



Reeves Kennels

We bought Reeves after shopping around and looking at various others.  They are good quality, and the service from ordering to fitting and delivery was excellent.



Doghealth Crates

Having bought various dog crates over the years, we have found these to be good value for money.  They are sturdy, without rattles, and are good quality.



Lancashire Gunroom

Situated in Bolton, this shop sells all the shooting supplies you could need.



Dog First Aid Course

A real essential for us, but well worth it for anyone with a pet.  This course is only £60, and consists of 4 sessions in the evening.  Would you know what to do in an emergency with your dog ?



CLA Gamefair

This is the biggest game fair in Europe.  Takes place each year over 3 days, if you have any interest in gundogs, shooting, in fact any outdoor activities then this is a must.




ask a breeder.com

Click the springer spaniel image to be taken to ask a breeder.com  An information site where questions are answered by breeders.




Click on the puppy to be taken to Dwrgywn dachshunds site.


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