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Tri - Colour Springers

Tri-coloured English springer spaniels are a recognised Kennel club breed colour.  They are however extremely rare in the working strain of the breed.  The colour can only come about if two springers, whether black and white, or liver and white (or tri themselves) are put together and they both carry the tri-colour gene.  The issue being that this gene is extremely rare, and unless your dog is already a tri then you would never know they carry the gene until you have puppies.

You can just see the tan colouring on the pups cheek.

We were really pleased (and very surprised !) in May 2011 to discover that our bitch Zoey, and our Stud Dog Austin both carry the gene, and produced in their litter some fantastic little tri coloured puppies.  We had in fact never seen a tri colour before in the flesh !

We hope to have many tri coloured puppies in the future attributed to the Blacheborne name.  These pups are not better than the others in the litter, just different, and add a little something extra to our already fantastic litters.

As the puppies grow the tan becomes more prominent, and they develop into stunning looking grownups.


Photos courtesy of Torwind Spaniels where Blacheborne Alfie Torwind our first born tri colour nows lives.


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