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Our Girls

We have three fantastic girls here at Blacheborne, all very different from each other in their own unique ways. 






Jess is one of two black & white bitches at Blacheborne.  She is a stunning girl, strong solid and a great hunter.  She is also a very loving family dog who adores people.  Jess wouild run all day if allowed when outside, but switches into cuddles mode at home where she likes nothing more than to lie on top of you if she is allowed to get away with it.

Her pedigree is sound, she has a good mix of FHCH, with her grandfather being FTCH Follybreeze Pip.






Zoey our liver and white bitch has really strong badgercourt lines, she is a really keen worker, superfast when she has to be, but is also extremely good with her steadyness and recall.  She works as my rough shooting dog, and enjoys it !  

Zoey is small by Springer standards, but confident in her manner.  Another really loving little dog.  

Zoey also carries the extremely rare tri-colour gene so if mated to the right stud, she can throw tri-coloured pups.  This was a really exciting development for us here at Blacheborne with Liver, White and Tan puppies produced in her last litter.









 Kayla arrived at Blacheborne early in 2011 and it has been great to see her develop.

She joined us from Tagkai Gundogs and is the daughter of FTAW Wickwirefell Blackmagic at Tagkai, a really smart dog, who has exactly the same look as Kayla.  

She has recieved training to be used as my rough shooting dog, but is equally at home as a pet cuddling up inside the house, in fact she somehow seems to spend a lot more time inside than any of the others, having the unusual 'off' switch.
Her pedigree is really smart, and bursting with plenty of the top named FTCH.








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